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Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Family owned and run, meet the team enabling continual innovation at Headland.

Continual innovation

Meet our leadership team made up of Kloé Family members including Di Kloé and Peter Kloé, Directors and Founders, Annaliese Kloé, Chairman and Richard Kloé, Managing Director and George Yammouni, Chief Executive Officer.

Richard Kloé

Managing Director

Initially joining Headland in 1993 as a Service Engineer, Richard has dedicated his career to his family’s business, and understands the industry’s service driven nature like no one else.

As Managing Director, Richard is focused on Headland’s continual development as a first-class service provider for its customers.

Responsible for all operations, service, parts, logistics and customer engagement of the business, Richard has been instrumental in building Headland’s strong national service and support structure.

Directly involved in the day-to-day, as well as the strategic direction of the company, Richard is an industry leader and mentor. Building on Richard’s key strengths and years of experience as an Engineer himself, he advises and directs all aspects of supplier relations, product due diligence and customer support.

Annaliese Kloé

Chairman of the Board

A strategic and visionary business leader,  Annaliese is focused on bringing the best machine tool technology to the Australian manufacturing market.

Highly skilled in business growth and development, Annaliese has 20+ years experience in Operational Management, Business Strategy and Account Management for continual improvement.

An enthusiastic and outgoing person, Annaliese’s entrepreneurial spirit gives her the ability to analyse, adapt and identify new market opportunities.

More than anything, Annaliese understands business. Annaliese has been through the highs and lows of the industry, and as an owner, is devoted to sharing her learning curve with others.

Peter Kloé

Founder / Director

Studying Production Engineering and starting out as a toolmaker early in his career, it was clear from a young age that Peter had a natural flare for engineering.

Often pulling apart clocks, motorbikes and everything in between he took his passion and followed his dream to move to Australia. At a young age Peter migrated to Melbourne, with nothing more than £50 in his pocket.

After a long career in senior engineering management roles around the world, within large corporate organisations such as Boeing and Siemens, Peter was keen to establish his own company.

Peter and Di bought Headland Machinery from Ted Headland in 1979. Initially a small-time machine tool company, they had visions of developing a product portfolio of large machine tools for the Australian market, adding the larger machinery brands such as TRUMPF, Makino, Nakamura-Tome, in the coming years.

Involved in sales for many years, Peter’s role is now providing strategic direction at the board level.

Dianne Kloé

Founder / Director

A pioneer of women in Australian manufacturing, Di was the first woman on the AMTIL board, spending 11 years as an active member, including four as President. As the first female board member, Di has and continues to be a strong advocate for promoting women in leadership within male dominant industries.

Purchasing Headland Machinery with Peter Kloe in 1979, Di played a pivotal role in moving Headland into its next stage of growth and building it into a viable business.

Studying Computer Science at University, Di played a central part in the movement towards adoption of CNC machining in Australian manufacturing. Postponing her career in education, Di’s key agenda then turned to training Headland’s customers in CNC programming.

From training, she then moved into strategy, supplier and customer relationship management, administration and finance, as CEO for many years. Di’s role is now focused on mentoring key managers and staff as well as working on special projects.

George Yammouni


George Yammouni is an accomplished executive and business leader. He has over 25 years of high-tech industry knowledge and leadership experience. George’s career highlights include roles at HP, DXC, Compaq, and EDS.

In 2018, George joined Headland as Executive Director. His role focused on strategic planning, expansion, and innovation. This included growth, business transformation, people, culture, sales, marketing, product portfolio, and partnerships.

In 2019, George became CEO at Headland. Operational excellence, a growth mindset, and customer success are George’s forte. His role now also focuses on service excellence and future-proofing the company. Business analysis and change management are his specialties. Diversity, equal opportunity, and societal value are other passions.