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German sheet metal processor combines deburring machine and part leveller to save on production time, labour costs and factory space


There’s a growing trend toward automation and improved workflows, particularly seen in the integration of part-levelling machines with deburring systems. At Suer Stahltechnik in Raesfeld, Germany, this strategy is in action. They’ve combined a part-levelling system with Timesavers’ 1,600mm wide 42 RB series deburring machine on their production line. This integration allows a single employee to manage both systems, significantly saving time, space, and energy. 

About Suer Stahltechnik: Established in 2020, Suer Stahltechnik specialises in sheet metal fabrication. With a team of 12 skilled professionals, they offer laser cutting, deburring, edging, and milling services. Their clientele, primarily from North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, spans industries such as machine construction, steel and hall construction, railing, staircase, and automotive. 

Commitment to growth and customer satisfaction  

Despite being a young company, Suer Stahltechnik is known for its customer dedication and proactive approach to problem-solving. They prioritise customer needs, evident in their investments in new machinery to meet specific product requirements, particularly notable in the building and construction industry.  

Deburring and surface preparation 

For deburring, edge rounding up to a 2mm radius, laser oxide removal, and finishing, Suer Stahltechnik relies on Timesavers International’s 42 RB series deburring machine. Proper oxide removal is crucial for coating and galvanising processes, as it ensures better adherence of the applied layer to a clean surface. 

Addressing challenges with bent parts and plates 

Despite their satisfaction with Timesavers’ deburring machine over two years, Suer Stahltechnik faced issues with parts not being completely straight due to tension in the sheet metal from laser cutting. This tension, released during subsequent processes, led to increased rework and costs. To mitigate this, they invested in a part-levelling machine to remove stress from the sheet metal before further processing. 

Integration and streamlined operations 

Suer Stahltechnik’s part-levelling machine boasts electromechanical gap control, a barcode scanner, reversible levelling rollers, and overload and edge protection systems. To optimize space and efficiency, they integrated this machine with the deburring system, creating a seamless process. Control panels for both machines are consolidated into one system, with three cameras providing oversight, allowing a single employee to manage the entire operation. 

Collaboration for success 

The collaboration between Timesavers, equipment suppliers, and Suer Stahltechnik went beyond mere product delivery. Regular meetings were instrumental in developing and finalising the production line, ensuring that customer needs were met, and the best possible process was achieved. 

Interested in learning more about the latest grinding, deburring, and edge-rounding technology?  

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